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We invite you to chose the category most appropriate to you. Each of the products showcased here are top quality crafted and engineered specifically for your dream house. For extra information regarding Glass solutions please feel free to contact us.

Every product is obtain in collaboration with our proud Glazing partner, Saint Gobain. Solutions offered here are for home glazing, such as windows and walls, and interior glazing specifically for everything inside your home. Architectural glazing is mostly dedicated for ambitious projects and offers a more industrial approach.

For your home windows

Installing high-performance glass windows, glass doors, conservatory roof glass and internal decorative glass makes houses bright, airy, inviting and energy-efficient. The more glass is used, the more natural light enters the home.

Glass makes the home pleasant and comfortable, with no cost to security, safety, or environmental sustainability.

Interior home glazing

German System Windows has a product to suit every application from mirrors to decorative glass, screen printed to lacquered, in a wide range of colours and patterns.

Architectural Glass solutions

It is a reality that glass is nowadays extensively present in the fa├žade of modern buildings, thanks to its wide aesthetical possibilities supporting the creativity of the architects. But glass is doing much more as it also plays a key role on the energetic efficiency of the building. Discover below all the benefits offered by high performance glass for your projects.