Renson Window Vents

Ventilation: for you and your home!

A poor indoor climate may cause breathing problems, dry throat, eye irritation, headaches, allergies, impaired concentration, lack of energy, sleepiness, ….

Moreover, excess moisture in the home can cause odors, condensation and mold growth, hence the importance to properly ventilate on a regular basis.

Many people think that opening the window from time to time is sufficient. However, the effect of opening a window is only temporary and ventilation through open windows is uncontrollable (and therefore wasted energy). In addition, opening the window leads to other problems such as noise, the risk of burglary, the intrusion of insects and so on.

Continuous and controlled ventilation is the only effective method to ensure a healthy indoor climate.

Overframe flap ventilators

Thermally broken window ventilators installed on top of the aluminium, timber or PVC window frame. This almost invisible installation guarantees maximum light penetration as the glass size is not reduced.

  • Invisivent® EVO
  • Invisivent® EVO HF
  • Invisivent® EVO AK
  • Invisivent® EVO AKD (Max)
  • Invisivent® EVO HR
  • Invisivent® EVO AKR33-module
  • Invisivent® EVO UT

Flap ventilators glazed-in/at transom

  • TC45
  • TC60
  • AR60 – THK60
  • AR75
  • AR90 – THK90
  • AK80EVO – AK80
  • AK80GL
  • Sonovent®
  • Sonovent® Compact
  • Sonovent® I
  • Sonovent® V

Flap ventilator for conservatories

This discrete flap ventilator is placed in the highest and warmest point of the conservatory’s roof. This favours the extraction of hot and humid air using natural convection. Ventilators placed in the lower part of the conservatory assure a natural supply of fresh air. This patented natural extraction system has been designed to prevent water infiltration (in normal conditions).

  • Oxyvent

Acoustic ventilator for slant roofs

The Sonovent® D makes it possible to ventilate rooms below slant roofs, even if no windows are present. Moreover, thanks to its self-regulating flap, the Sonovent® D ensures the supply of fresh and healthy air without draughts.

  • Sonovent® D

Roller shutter flap ventilator

The Transivent® is a self-regulating, thermally broken ventilator with an attractive design, for mounting in a traditional roller shutter housing. The curved aluminium inner profile deflects the incoming air upwards into the room.

  • Transivent®

Sliding vents

Sliding vents without or without thermal break for glazed-in installation or at transom

  • THL100 – THL100V
  • T67 – T100 – T130 – T150


Renson® developed an extensive range of slotvents. The Renson® slotvents are manufactured in aluminium, this to ensure the highest possible quality and durability. These aluminium slotvents can be powdercoated in any color making a perfect integration possible on wooden, uPVC and aluminium window frames.

Slotvents are installed on window frames where a slot (10, 12, 16 or 25 mm) is routed through the frame.

  • Interior slotvents
  • Exterior slotvents
  • Sonoslot®
  • Sonoslot® Max
  • Slotvent combinations