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    Our German System Windows team is passionate and determined to meet all of our customers project challenges, driving ourselves with an all-out effort that strives for perfection and measures success through customer satisfaction.
German System Windows’ products have high level performance and energy efficiency value, tailored specifically for your projects needs.
    Our goal is to increase the value of buildings and to also increase the living and working environment of people from the US & CANADA .
    We achieve this together with our partners INTERNORM, SALAMANDER and REYNAERS, by providing innovative and sustainable high energy efficient products such as: timber-aluminum, UPVC and aluminum for the building envelope.

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    We chose to be partners with Internorm in US & Canada because we found the trust needed in a brand.
    Internorm, a company that has been in business for 85 years,  an involved family in the day to day job for our products to have the excellent quality, and also accurate service. These characteristics have propelled them to be number 1 in Europe. We even dare to say, they are number 1 in the world with 1300 distributors and partners, in 21 countries. Internorm continues to surprise us with their innovations and their high energy efficient windows and doors.


     With the amazing service Internorm provides, looking at their numbers today, we have seen that more than 22.5 million windows and doors have left their manufacturing sites.

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At German System Windows, variety knows no bounds.

Window and door profiles, sliding systems, privacy shield systems or profiles from our partner Salamander Outdoor World – no matter what, we always meet the highest standards of tomorrow in nearly every respect. Those who choose our profile systems are not only opting for certified, cutting-edge technology, but also for all the advantages a major brand has to offer.

See for yourself and let yourself be inspired by the variety of products, which you can find in the link below.


greenEvolution 76 Top – Contractor
Contractor windows and doors deliver excellence in efficiency, comfort, durability and style by combining U-PVC frames with multiple glass options.

greenEvolution 76 Top – Box

Green Evolution76 Top is a UPVC profile with triple pane glass standard, triple seal gaskets and galvanized steel reinforced to provide superior air and water tightness on operable windows and doors.

bluEvolution 92
Salamander bluEvolution 92 is constructed in Germany with wall thickness class A for superior quality.



    REYNAERS ALUMINUM is active in more than 40 countries worldwide and currently exports to more than 70 countries, on 5 continents.
    Millions of Schüco products are used all over the world and meet the highest requirements of design, comfort, security and energy efficiency.