Fire Rated

VETROTECH SAINT-GOBAIN specializes in the manufacture of high performance fire-resistance glass products, from single panes of modified toughened glass to fully insulation inter layered products. VETROTECH SAINT-GOBAIN offers the designer a range of glass products which are ideally adapted to all requirements in the field of fire resistance. In addition to offering protection against flames, smoke and radiated heat, these fire resistant products can be combined with the GSW glass products range offering an almost infinite range of applications: silk screen printing, large dimensions, sound insulation and energy savings.


Due to their high transparency level and multi-purpose design, fire protective glass products offer potential for perfect incorporation into various designs, both from the viewpoint of glazed façades and the interior décor of buildings:

  • Glass roofs,
  • Façades
  • Glass doors
  • Glazed flooring
  • Partitions


All VETROTECH glass products offer the advantages of toughened safety glass in a working environment which is under stress at all stages of the procedure:

  • Special packaging developed to cope with the hazards and impacts of transportation
  • Handling: toughened safety glass considerably reduces the risk of breakage during handling and storage
  • Installation: greater resistance to breakage during installation prevents the risk of costly delays

Operations: lower maintenance costs in building upkeep and reduced exposure to insurance problems.