Winter Comfort

Thanks to its superior thermal insulating performance, SGG PLANITHERM TOTAL+ enables a wider range of frame types and designs
to meet mandatory maximum and/or area weighted average whole window U-value requirements, affording greater flexibility to
architects, specifiers and fabricators.

A revolutionary high performance thermally insulating (low-E) glass

PLANITHERM TOTAL+ is a revolutionary high performance thermally insulating (low-E) glass that has been optimized to help windows achieve the highest Window Energy Ratings (WERs).


The PLANITHERM range of products consists of:

  • PLANITHERM TOTAL+ – ideal for North facing elevations to capture the most of the sun’s heat
  • PLANITHERM ONE  – Ideal for south facing elevations or large bi-fold doors
  • PLANITHERM 4S – Ideal for conservatories
  • PLANITHERM ULTRA N – Ideal for commercial buildings


PLANITHERM TOTAL+ is an extremely versatile low-E solution suitable for a wide range of applications:


  • Windows and skylights
  • Patio doors, bi-fold doors, French doors and other external doors
  • Conservatories and sun rooms


Enables manufacturers to offer customers a more cost-effective sealed unit for them to achieve the best window performances. For example, an ‘A’ Window Energy Rating can now be achieved in most PVC-U frames without the need for low-iron glass.

The PLANITHERM TOTAL+ coating is highly durable and easy to process helping to ensure the highest levels of quality of finished units.

A British-made product with full range availability from national, regional and local Glass solutions branch & customers, in a range of sizes and supported by nationwide availability of toughened product.

More satisfied customers given the neutrality and clarity of the glass – you can hardly tell it is a low-E glass, even when used with Georgian bars, decorative glass or white net curtains.

PLANITHERM TOTAL+ is part of a family of products each specifically engineered to deliver maximum performance for the relevant market – whether that’s domestic home improvement, new build or commercial.

Glass solutions offers its manufacturing customers comprehensive technical, operational and marketing support – including access to the PLANITHERM Installer Network.


Composition in mm 4(16)4 4(16)4(16)4
Low-Emissivity Coating Position Face 3 Face 3/5
LT 81% 72% 73%
LRe 12% 16%
LRi 13% 16%
T 64% 66% 52% 53%
RE 20% 21% 25% 26%
A1 6% 3% 6% 3%
A2 9% 10% 11% 11%
A3 6% 7%
g-value* 0.73 0.75 0.63 0.64
Shading Coefficient 0.83 0.86 0.72 0.74
U-value in W/m2K** Air 1.4 0.8
90% Argon 1.2 0.6

PLANITHERM TOTAL+ meets the durability requirementsof class C of European standards EN 1096 and is CE marked.

* Light and solar performance according to EN 410

** Centre-pane U-values have been rounded in accordance with EN 673

For Window Energy Ratings simulators should calculate whole window U-values from first principles using normal surface emissivity (e = 0.05)

Handling & Processing

SGG PLANITHERM TOTAL+ must always be assembled into a double or triple glazed unit. The coating is generally placed on face 3 (and 5) of the unit, though it is possible to place the coating on face 2 without affecting the U-value. Appearance may vary slightly, so it is important to maintain consistent coating positioning throughout a particular façade.

See the handling guidelines brochure for more details: