Schüco Large Louvres Blades ALB – activeLinear drive

With a wide range of louvre blades, the active Schüco large louvre blades ALB with linear drive offer impressive benefits including increased comfort, optimised natural light and protection against overheating and active energy generation with integrated photovolatic modules. Setting new standards: integration of the control unit into the louvre blade cover and concealed drainage in the louvres. The bracket system allows considerable design freedom and all the glass louvre blades can be fitted without bearing stress concentrations.

AN (Active, Needle Blade): needle blade 225 and 300 mm

AT (Active, Hi-tech blade): hi-tech louvre blade 360 mm

AG (Active, Glass blade): straight or curved glass louvre blade 300 mm

AP (Active, Photovoltaic blade): photovoltaic glass louvre blade 400 mm

AH (Active, Hollow blade): hollow blade 155, 205, 255, 305, 360, 400 and 470 mm

Optimised cable guide for PV modules

Glazing clip in a new design

Surface area optimisation with larger PV modules

  • A high level of prefabrication
  • Simple installation
  • Maximum quality and reliability
  • System-based connection to window and façade constructions
  • Can be used horizontally and vertically
  • Flexible solar shading solutions due to different louvre blade widths, types and materials
  • Individual design options using different shapes and colours
  • Highly effective shading at all times of the day and throughout the year
  • Solar shading unaffected by wind


System / MaterialLarge active louvre blade systems
FunctionSun shading
Heat protection
Installation option
Louvre blade typeFeature louvre blade
Profile dimensions155-470 mm
Louvre blade angleAdjustable
Area (<=)
As per structural requirements
Wind stability
Unaffected by wind
Surface finishesPower
Planning principles

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System drawings

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Planning principles

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System drawings

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