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COMFORT M4 an Insulated Curtain Wall System

M4 is a thermal insulated system for structural curtain walls with hanging frames (stick type) for faster installation

  • Modern Appearance
  • Seamless Design
  • Satisfactory Energy Efficiency
  • Increased Comfort level
  • Maximum functionality
  • Enhancement of Natural Light
  • Guaranteed performance quality in terms of air- water permeability, wind pressure as well as the Uf.
  • Increased static and functionality in extreme weather conditions
  • Flexibility in construction
  • Vast alternatives in custom solutions tailor made to the building
  • Ease of use with electric motion
  • 55 mm width of mullions.
  • Distance between glass panels 14 mm.
  • Vents are supported by the mullions on which they are attached through special hardware, securing the frame on the curtain wall structure.
  • The same vents can be either fixed or projected outwards
  • Big variety of mullions for high wind loads.
  • Polygonal surfaces are possible.
  • Can be combined with doors from the SMARTIA series.
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