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Large patio doors are more popular than ever. Because they make rooms brighter. Living spaces, offices and business premises are enhanced by clear views and direct access to outside. It all helps to create a real feel-good ambiance. These doors should be easy and comfortable to use, and long-lasting too.

GSW Lift and Slide door system has created a new class of large openings and blur lines between interior and exterior habitats.

Our Energy Efficient Lift and Slide door provides optimal aesthetics and performance and uninterrupted panoramic views, increased natural airflow.

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This doors are easy to operate with Roto hardware because every part is precision made, and from the highest grade material. Stainless steel, zinc diecast and al ultra-high resistance PVC give the espagnolettes, bogie housings an unmatched level of quality.

feel the


The precision and technology of GSW Lift and Slide doors ensures components are a perfect fit for each other.

Quietness is a mark of quality. Feel the smoothness when you slide these gorgeous doors.


The stand-out convenience feature of our Patio Life “Lift&Slide” hardware is the extremely simple movement of large and heavy doors.

Unlike with ordinary Lift&Slide systems, instead of the entire sash just the horizontal seal is raised or lowered by moving the handle in order to open and close the door, allowing the sash to be pushed sideways without using force. It couldn’t be more convenient!

But Roto Patio Life offers even more:

  • Concealed night ventilation: Rotating the door handle upwards opens only the upper seal, allowing simple yet efficient ventilation that’s not visible from outside – the sliding doors remain fully locked and neither rain nor dirt nor insects can enter
  • Enhanced threshold for barrier-free living and optimum thermal insulation
  • All-round seals for maximum impermeability values among comparable systems
  • Drive technology for timber profiles: The optional electric drive for Roto Patio Life is installed concealed in the floor and can be operated either via wall switch or radio control (sliding, locking, secure night ventilation)
  • The logical and intuitive handle movement means that mishandling and operating errors are not possible
  • The handle’s locked position is the same as on standard Tilt&Turn windows (“downwards”) and not as is normal for Lift&Slide (“upwards”)

An innovative sealing concept and a standard integrated enhanced threshold reliably provide optimum sealing properties with our “Lift&Slide”system.

  • Seals right round the door
  • The highest sealing values on the market beat even the worst weather conditions:
    – impermeability against driving rain DIN EN 1026/12207: Grade 9A
    – Air permeability: DIN EN 1027/12208: Grade 4
  • The enhanced threshold with a special mix of thermally insulating materials provides optimum isothermal efficiency and prevents cold bridges and condensation even when the outside temperature falls to below 5°F
  • This can mean significant energy consumption reductions

As an alternative, we can supply an aluminium flexible threshold with single thermal break.

On the Roto Patio Life, standard security components provide effective protection against break-ins as standard in line with RC 2 / RC 2N (Resistance Class 2).

The sliding doors also remain completely locked with the concealed night ventilation feature, as the striker pins with the mushroom-head security cam are anchored securely in the security striker.

Where security demands are more stringent, electronic components for monitoring opening and locking and for hazard detection and burglar alarms can be integrated without any problem:

  • Roto MVS
    As soon as a magnetic field is disturbed, for example during the violent opening of the window, the concealed detector sends a signal to the alarm control panel
  • Glass breakage detector for monitoring glazed surfaces

More information about security and the locking concept can be found under our Roto NT hardware system.

Our specific lockable and non-lockable variants from the classical Roto Line and modern Roto Swing handles range are available.

In the case of Patio Life with two sliding sashes, e.g. the design variants D and F, the fully retractable handle provides flexible opening of the sashes on both sides and a maximum opening width.

Strong, functional & versatile

Roto Patio Lift meets the very special demands that are placed on a Lift&Slide hardware system for aluminium profiles. These include the lift, slide, lower and lock functions. Optional locking components also allow night ventilation.

The hardware is suitable for sash weights of up to 661 lbs and for sash heights and widths of up to 120 inch.

DIN left

DIN right

DIN left and right

DIN left and right

A free choice of sash partitioning

One or two movable sashes, stop on the frame, on the fixed glazing or on the second movable sash – everything’s possible with GSW Lift & Slide.

Comfortable. Easy to use.

Sliding doors are easy to operatewith GSW Lift & Slide. Precision technology ensures components are a perfect fit for each other.

Made for a long life.

GSW Lift & Slide is built to last for years. Every part is precision made, and from the highest grade german materials.