GSW Folding Door


open space

With GSW Folding Door you are able to create a healthier and more comfortable environment with natural light and open air, completely space from the inside out. Open up a living room or kitchen to connect to the outdoors and entertain.

Folding Door sizes go up to the clients own preference. (unlimited)



GSW FOLDING DOOR – represents the highest levels of innovation and technology. Equipped with ROTO smart hardware for tightly sealed sliding systems. New ensure a high degree of comfort. No other hardware provides a better seal.

This door is ideal for use in high-rise building where high wind loads occur. And with this ROTO hardware is guaranteed to remain tightly sealed even in thunderstorms where gusts of wind and torrential rain or hitting the glass and door frame directly. There is no trace of draughts or rattling sashes thanks to this unique technology.


safe function

Standard-round locking points hardware ensure high uniform gasket compression and additional locking points provide maximum tightness and even greater security.

All components from this folding door are designed for stability and durability.


Our Fold&Slide hardware makes the handling of Fold&Slide doors for large openings up to a frame width of 20 feet especially simple and comfortable.

  • All door elements are folded and pushed to the side to save space for optimum room use
  • An integral Tilt&Turn sash can be used as a passage or for ventilation like a terrace or balcony door independently of the folding elements
  • Variable opening types, opening inwards or outwards
  • Energy-efficient, barrier-free comfort threshold with improved isothermal efficiency
  • Optimised bogies on ball bearings, with quiet rollers made of PVC instead of stainless steel for more comfort and durability
  • Small brushes in the rollers ensure a largely dirt-free roller track
  • cover strip with anti-slide grooves protects against soiling in the passage area
  • Optional enhanced threshold for barrier-free living


The barrier-free version of our Fold&Slide system with the flush-fit enhanced threshold allows access to the conservatory or to the cafe terrace without tripping or stumbling. So no falling over on your way in or out.

  • Energy-efficient, barrier-free comfort threshold with improved isothermal efficiency
  • Barrier-free living, e.g. for families with small children or in nursing homes, disabled people’s homes or buildings
  • cover strip with anti-slide grooves protects against soiling in the passage area

Besides helping to prevent break-ins, the concealed screw fixing of the frame hinges on the Fold&Slide doors also enhances the overall elegant appearance.

Where security demands are more stringent, electronic components for monitoring opening and locking and for hazard detection and burglar alarms can be integrated without any problem:

  • Roto MVS
    As soon as a magnetic field is disturbed, for example during the violent opening of the window, the concealed detector sends a signal to the alarm control panel
  • Glass breakage detector for monitoring glazed surfaces

More information about security and the locking concept can be found under our Roto NT hardware system.

Our specific lockable and non-lockable variants from the classical Roto Line and modern Roto Swing Tilt&Turn handles range are available.

Energy-efficient enhanced thresholds

The combination of materials and advanced german technology ensures that the new enhanced threshold provides a high level of energy efficiency. Based on a thermal break, the insulating characteristics are increased significantly. An optimised isothermal efficiency prevents condensation and mould formation in the 68 F / 14 F  range. The barrier-free properties afforded by Roto Patio Fold in accordance with DIN 18040 are a prerequisite for modern architecture and living.

Strong support-bracket

GSW Folding Door System covers an extended range of applications in terms of size and weight. The application of newly developed support-brackets with optimised screw fixing and pin axes enable sashes with weights of up to 220 lbs to be used safely. Fold&Slide elements with a potential height of 9,5 ft enable bigger and better views outside, whether the elements are closed or open.

High quality technology, successful design

GSW Folding Door not only meets high demands made in terms of technology and convenience, it is also characterised by sophisticated design: slim, elegant, and available in many colours. This enables the premium
Fold&Slide system to open up new dimensions in design. GSW Folding Door – the Fold&Slide system that meets the highest of demands.