How can I have a safe house, but still enjoy the sun and the day light ?

The answer is at your fingertips: windows and doors equipped with laminated glass.

What is laminated glass ?

Laminated glass is a safety and security glass that is made by sandwiching a laminated sheet between two pieces of glass. The laminated sheet is usually polyvinyl butryl (PVB) sheet. The PVB sheet in the middle of the glass helps in sticking the glass pieces to it when the glass is broken. The laminated glass is designed to prevent it from shattering into pieces and thus ensures safety.

What are the characteristics of laminated glass ?

Laminated glass is made by sandwiching PVB sheet between two panes of glass. They are sealed by a series of pressure rollers and then autoclaved. During the manufacturing process of laminated glass, mechanical and chemical bonding is developed between the PVB sheet and the glass. The adhesive nature of PVB creates the mechanical bond and the hydrogen bonding between PVB and glass is the reason for chemical bonding. Because of the chemical bonding of PVB with glass, even when there is any breakage, the laminated glass remains intact.


Any issues with laminated glass ?

  • The manufacturing process, when not executed properly, can result in delamination.
  • Delamination can occur due to the waviness in the glass
  • The edge of the glass where the chemical bonding is weaker, is majorly attacked by delamination
  • Laminated glass edges should not be exposed to water
  • Organic sealant should not be used, which may result in delamination


What are the benefits of laminated glass ?

  • Laminated glass remains intact when broken, protecting people from injury. Laminated glass is very safe in overhead glazing
  • Laminated glass provides greater security and hence commonly preferred in areas that require high security, such as jewelry shops and partitions. The thick layers of glass and inter layer can help to withstand bullets and bomb blasts
  • The PVB interlayer material has viscoelastic property which in turn helps in the reduction of sound acoustic insulation
  • Laminated glass reduces transmission of  UV rays and hence protects the furniture from fading
  • It is durable and maintains color and strength for a much longer time
  • The installation of laminated glass is similar to any other type of glass

Applications of laminated glass ?

  • Laminated glass is widely used in building and housing products
  • It is used in automotive and transport industries
  • Laminated glass is mostly used in building facades and car windscreens
  • It plays a major role in overhead glazing like skylights, glass ceilings and roofs
  • Laminated glass can also be used in greenhouse