More than just sustainability – we think ahead

For us, sustainability means more than environmental protection: We use resources responsibly, rely on long-term employee loyalty and balanced growth.

Environmental protection

  • Partial production with green electricity
  • 8% share of electricity from our in-house hydropower plant
  • Company’s in-house sewage plat
  • Reusability of materials

Resource conservation

  • Reduction of complexity in the greenEvolution modular system
  • Accessories and tools for greenEvolution can also be used for
  • blueEvolution 82
  • Development of extremely material-saving profiles


  • A large number of apprenticeships, in total 8.2% of the employees are trainees
  • Support programs for employees, such as health days


  • Family-operated business
  • Europe-wide involvement in associations of the plastics industry: EPPA / VinylPlus / Rewindo / Window + Façade Association
  • Sustainable strengthening of partners through modular systems


We use PVC with insight

Our plastic profiles can be fully recycled up to seven times. Each of these windows has an average service life of 40 years.

1. High insulation values and easy 100% recycling capability, because foaming is done away with.

2. PVC as a safe, technically mature material

3. Sustainable, technically sophisticated production

4. Forward-looking reusable system: Recycling possible up to 7 times

5.More than 20% recycled materials is used in our overall production

Upcycling instead of downcycling – instrinsic values are what really matter

Old uPVC windows are up to 100% recyclable, which is why Salamander consciously uses recycled materials to produce energy-efficient high-performance profiles from old windows. The recycled material is integrated into the profile geometry using a special CoEx process. Depending on the window system, a Salamander window profile can contain up to 50 % recycled material.

Facts about the Salamander recycled core

  •  No negative impact on excellent profile quality
  •  Maximum performance
  • Use of high-quality recycled granulates in the inner core of the profile
  • Better homogeneity of the recycle mass for optimized profile properties
  • Modern recycling process without loss of quality
  • Technically mature manufacture
  • The material has a higher impact resistance due to renewed plastification
  • Corner strength of the profile is maintained
  • All environmentally relevant limit values are complied with

Recycle vs. new material: superior energy conservation & climate protection

  • uPVC profiles are recyclable up to seven times
  • Sensible return of old windows to a closed recycling system
  • Unique recycling concept for the profile industry
  • Resource efficiency: Reduction of the consumption of raw materials
  • Saving primary energy for the production of uPVC
  • Reduced CO2 emissions
  • Combines environmental protection with high quality & design standards