In today’s blog post we will be talking about Roto and the new features that have been integrated in the Patio Alversa sliding and tilt&turn hardware systems here at German System Windows.

Roto has implemented a number of improvements and additional features on its Patio Alversa suite for Parallel Sliding and Tilt & Slide systems. 

The product group encompasses four versions: a Tilt&Slide option, plus three Parallel Sliding configurations, one of which has a tilt ventilation option. The top of the range variant has its tilt function controlled directly by the handle for additional user comfort.

Here at GSW we work to integrate new ideas and systems all the time. When we saw that Patio Alversa was launched with new features we couldn’t wait to learn more about them and add them to our website. “We launched Patio Alversa to be a system that covers a range of sliding requirements with a minimal number of parts”, explains Chris Cauwenberghs, Head of Product Range for Roto Western Europe. “Fabricators can stock one system with many common parts and use it to make four different products. Of course, at Roto we work to improve things all the time and so we’ve just introduced some new innovations”.

The sliding scissor stay gains an additional locking function. “This is designed for tall balcony doors where the centre of mass of the glass is towards the exterior”, Chris explains. “Units like this are more a risk of closing shut by themselves in windy conditions, so this new function helps stop this happening”.









Another feature is a new ball-mounted roller unit. “This gives a quiet, smooth operation”, Chris says. “It is also protected against jemmying. The anti-jemmy function has the advantage of preventing the roller unit from jumping out of track during installation”. Another installer-friendly aspect is the height adjustment mechanism, on which the thread cannot be overtightened or unscrewed.

Finally, range-topping PS Air Com version gains a spring-mounted tilt support function. “This reduces the handle torque required to operate the tilt mode”, Chris notes. “It is especially useful on heavier units over 309 lbs”.
Roto Patio Alversa is suitable for sash sizes up to 65 inches high and 106 inches wide, and the tilting variants have a night vent function. The system is compatible with the range of Roto window handles, and a 200mm long handle version is available.