A breath of fresh air

Ventalis® is an innovative and controllable ventilation system with a self-regulating airflow that can seamlessly be integrated in your windows or sliding doors. This modular system ensures both efficiency and an aesthetic design, allowing hassle-free cleaning and maintenance.

The patented self-regulating units automatically open and close the air inlet when wind pressure increases or decreases, keeping the incoming airflow constant. What’s more, the Ventalis system is easily adjustable in 5 different positions, allowing users to easily adjust the ventilation degree.

The Ventalis system is installed at the top of the window or sliding door in the so-called ‘dry rooms’. They can be built in different configurations, depending on the aesthetics or the required airflow, to comply with the applicable regulations. Ventalis can be integrated with a wide range of Reynaers systems: ES, CS 68, CS 77, CP 130 and CP 155.

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