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greenEvolution 76 Top – Flex A

These windows and doors combine best-in-class European styling and quality german hardware with the high performance, craftsmanship and short lead times you’ve come to expect from a product that is made with full automatic machines.

Green Evolution76 Top is a UPVC profile with triple pane glass standard, triple seal gaskets and galvanized steel reinforced to provide superior air and water tightness on operable windows and doors.

We use phthalate free unplasticized-polyvinyl chloride (U-PVC) with no added plasticizers creating stronger, longer lasting more UV, resistant window frames. Every aspect of our windows are designed to conserve energy, increase thermal performance, sound reduction, and embellish buildings.

We provide customized options with high energy efficient windows and doors for any type of residential or commercial buildings in any climate zone of Northern America.

With triple pane glazing in standard our windows and doors make for an extremely high energy efficiency, interior comfort and sound reduction. Triple glazing, with two LOW-E 4 season coating and argon or krypton gases between the glass pane standard.

Available in European tilt and turn windows, fixed window, french window, tilt only windows, sliding window and awning window.


Operable windows certified up to R-7.1 value
99.5% UV protection
Increased indoor comfort, warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer
Can lower energy bills
Reduced interior condensation
Architectural freedom allowing for more glass in your design

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