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greenEvolution 76 Top – Contractor

Middle and High rise buildings or townhouse complexes can be energy efficient with our Green Evolution 76 – Contractor rated windows. From a single large: tilt and turn windows, tilt and turn windows combined with picture windows – to inswing casement, inswing casement with tilt option, hopper, and awning with U-Value as low as 0,18 and OITC/STC up to 38-45.

Green Evolution 76 – Contractor windows and doors deliver excellence in efficiency, comfort, durability and style by combining U-PVC frames with multiple glass options.

With triple pane glazing in standard our windows and doors make for extremely high energy efficiency, interior comfort and sound reduction.

Triple glazing with two Low-E 4 season coating and argon or krypton gases between the glass pane standard. Our partners factor is a state of the art, highly automated operation with a structured process for every single step of the process. With an 80,600 sq ft plant, fully automated machinery and with 40 years experience our partner is capable of producing 1500 windows/day.

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