As many of you are aware, technology is taking over our world and it’s doing it fast. It feels like it was just yesterday when we were still writing everything by hand in school, and we had our flip-phones in our pockets. And look at us now. We send our children to school with a laptop instead of text books and with smart phones. We knew technology was developing fast when we saw that even windows have technology involved in them. We did not want to fall behind, so we incorporated technology in windows too. We wanted to make it faster, more convenient and easier for our customers to enjoy our products.

In today’s blog post, we will show you the different innovations that come with the Internom – Technology ( I-Tec Innovations ). Internorm is one of our most loyal partners and without them we would not be where we are today. And now let’s get down to business.

The first innovation is the I-Tec Core. With the I-Tec Core we are processing thin glued timber layers in the core of the timber/aluminum window (HF410) which is only commonly known from highly stable roof beams and supports. As with every product you will have advantages.


Your Advantages:

  • Considerably more humidity-resistant, more durable and extremely strong
  • Glued timber layers ensure very good load bearing and allow larger sizes
  • Narrow view widths for more light
  • Adapt the colors of your timber/aluminum window (HF410) to your living area due to color and timber variety






The second well known I-Tec Innovation is the I-Tec Locking. This system renders levering of windows impossible.The patent is unrivaled in the window brand and is already integrated in UPVC or UPVC/Aluminum window (KF500). Integrated flaps press on to the inside of the frame from all sides when locking therefore offer maximum burglary protection.


Your advantages:

  • Security class RC2 already as standard
  • Locking elements are almost completely integrated in the frame; this makes for easy cleaning
  • Low viewing height of UPVC and UPVC/aluminum window (KF 500) ensures more light





The third would be the I-Tec VentilationThe I-Tec Ventilation ensures comfortable and energy-efficient airing according to demands. The ventilation is already integrated in the window and can therefore easily be installed in refurbishments.

Your advantages:

  • Fresh air without great heat loss or draughts
  • Fresh air without dust or mould
  • Each room can be aired individually and according to demands
  • Ventilation is already integrated in the window – no need of opening windows for airing and increased security
  • Convenient operation via intelligent building control I-tec SmartWindow




The fourth would have to be my favorite innovation that Internorm products can offer. The I-Tec Shading system. When I saw that this is possible, I knew from that moment what windows I will have in my home. All the Internorm window systems with integrated blinds can be equipped with the I-Tec Shading. This sun protection without actual external power source works with photovoltaic module and batteries. You save more energy, more money, and it also looks amazing.


Your advantages:

  • Intelligent automatic mode facilitates automatic opening/closing of blinds through day/night recognition
  • Measuring solar irradiation and temperature reduces overheating of rooms
  • Several blinds, Venetian blinds or Duette blinds® can be controlled in combination
  • There are no energy costs
  • There is no extra installation or chiselling work required
  • The shading is situated directly between the panes




And now, the innovations wouldn’t be complete without a tablet or a phone being involved. Here is where the I-Tec Smart Window comes in place. This is a intelligent building control that enables you to easily and conveniently operate your ventilation and shading via Smartphone or tablet, no matter if you are at home or on vacation. The app was created so that anyone can use it, it is faster and much more convenient.


Your advantages:

  • Convenient control via free App
  • Mobile control of I-tec ventilation, I-tec shading, sun protection and fan light opener
  • Opening control of your windows
  • Individual adjustments, exactly according to your requirements and options
  • Can be easily extended






So many will ask if it is really worth it going to buy all this fancy new technology. Yes, it is. Things are developing fast in today’s society, I mean we are already seeing self driving cars on the road. The Internorm Technology can offer you and your family a faster, safer, more convenient and cheaper way to live your life and enjoy the fresh air. If you have any questions, please give us a call or send us an email. We will be more than happy to share more details about our products, and also show you how our products work.