Have you ever wondered why bird-friendly glass? What are the benefits and why do we do it? In today’s blog post, GSW will tell you the reason behind it all.

While bird-friendly glass is a requirement in many jurisdictions; specified for low-rise residential, commercial, and government spaces, those laws do not encompass residential use.

“1 Billion” bird strikes per year is an often-used term, and according to a 2014 Smithsonian report, the median is 599 million bird deaths in the U.S. Interestingly, residential buildings account for an estimated 44% of these deaths. Since no bird-friendly laws involve residential use, it’s up to the homeowners to decide!

Covering the Tower With a Performance Curtain Wall

The homeowner opted for Safeflex FlySafe. This interlayer combines with the aesthetics of the home and effectively deters even the smallest avians such as Hummingbirds!  The “sequin” look of the bird-friendly interlayer is unique to others such as invisible UV-based interlayers, acid etch dots, or printed dots.  The bright, highly reflective nature of the dots breaks the reflection of the surroundings of the windows, alerting birds that there is something in the way.

The “punchy” nature of the FlySafe is highly effective and has a very low threat factor compared to the mentioned alternatives.  When assembled in an IGU, the American Bird Conservancy states a Threat Factor of 6/100.  The closest matches fall in a range of 25-30/100.

Now you have a better understanding of why this is an option we at GSW offer our clients. Let’s get in touch and chat a bit more if you’re interested in adding this to your home!