We will be starting a new series on our blog which will include all there is to know about tilt and turn European windows. Here at GSW we believe in quality and our European USA windows and doors deliver just that. Hop along on this series to learn more.


Now to start us of,

What is a tilt and turn window?

A tilt and turn window is a double action fast opening window. It can tilt inwards by pivoting on the bottom hinges or fully swing-in like a door via the side hinges. Tilt & Turn Windows’ tilt position provides healthy weatherproof ventilation while the turn position provides easy cleaning access.

On the outside of the window, there is a single large handle and no other protruding parts like lock levers. The window opens, closes, and locks all with the use of this one and only handle. Furthermore, the tilt turn window has multiple opening options for ventilation, cleaning, and fire escape purposes. Most notably, the tilting feature is quite unique as it allows for a different type of air exchange pattern. Since the window opens at just the very top in this mode, fresh air can enter inside the building at a more upwards angle. With this kind of air flow, cold breezes from an open window don’t blow directly at someone inside the house. Instead, fresh air blows up towards to ceiling from which it bounces off and enters the room at a more controlled pace. However, unlike hopper windows which also tilt inwards, the angle on a tilt and turn window in the tilt position is smaller and thus more ideal for ventilation. Nevertheless, if rapid venting is needed, a tilt & turn window can fully open like an entry door. This feature is also great for cleaning and fire escape.

A tilt turn window is a big jump from the standard casement window. One such aspect lies in its hardware and opening mechanism. Tilt & Turn windows operate using a rotating hinge system and utilize a single handle for all opening and closing functions. Nevertheless, is important to make sure the quality, design options, and glazing is to your liking.

Premium Tilt and Turn Windows For The US And Canada

Every aspect is custom made and can be fine turned to perfection. The glazing and hardware on our tilt and turn windows is all precisely optimized to every individual project. While the frames are reinforced with steel core tubing for maximum strength. Along with the high performance, our tilt turn window opening system for the sashes is also very comfortable and quick to use. European / USA windows and doors are high efficient and highly performant.

As for the style, we offer custom shapes, sizes, and over  colors for the vinyl foil covered frames. These frames never fade like painted or aluminum gel coated frames and remain looking new for many years. The modern design of the tilt turn windows makes them optimal for modern projects. However, they will suit almost any type of build and style.

What Makes Us Unique

  • Steel core UPVC (Vinyl) framing with wide 6-chamber profiles.

We use extra-wide steel tubing inside of our vinyl frames to greatly strengthen the windows. It also allows for the windows to be made in very large sizes. Meanwhile, the 6-chamber design ensures an elevated level of thermal insulation.

  • Thick glazing of 1-3/4” to 2” with a deep glass unit insertion into the frame of 26 mm instead of the regular 18 mm.

We use thick glazing to improve the energy efficiency and increase the windows’ lifespan. In addition to this, the deep glass unit insertion design improves the window’s resistance to condensation.

  • Special vinyl profiles for hot climates.

These are made with a unique technology that allows the profiles to withstand higher temperatures. It is a critical option for those living in the southern US.

  • Customizable and individually optimized soundproofing options with special perks.

We offer many degrees of glass unit soundproofing and optimize it for every project depending on what kinds of sounds need to be silenced. All for a more comfortable living experience.



















Sun protection glazing is needed to keep the house from overheating in hot temperatures. Depending on your specific climate region we offer many options to customize the sun protection level.

  • Highly insulated glazing with high heat transmission for solar passive houses.

This is a special option ideal for solar passive houses that demand the latest technology.

  • European standard burglary proofing protection.

Our windows come with the option for burglary protection that prevents thieves from easily entering broken windows. It uses a similar technology to that used on car windshields.