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GSW // TILT AND TURN WINDOWS / Openings & Advantages

We left off in our last blog with things that make us as a company, GSW, unique. We sell not only high quality European high energy efficient windows but also a high quality client experience. We want you to have the best product in your home and we know this is it!


Now, to continue onto the post.

European Windows Open Two Ways

Windows that open two ways are tilt and turn windows. They have one handle, which when turned 90 degrees allows the sash to fully swing inwards. However, if the handle is turned 180 degrees, the sash can tilt inwards, pivoting at the bottom. As such, tilt and turn windows open both ways.

Unlike most standard window types in America, the European window type opens two ways. These windows are called tilt and turn. For ventilation purposes, it is very convenient to have the tilt mode. This mode can be activated by turning the handle 180 degrees upwards. The window will then tilt inwards and create a gap at the top for healthy air exchange. However, since the windows open two ways, there is more then just a ventilation feature. If the handle is turned 90 degrees, you can pull the whole sash inwards. Such mode is great for cleaning purposes and can be used for quickly venting out smoke and foul smells.

Since the windows open both ways, you have more possibilities and freedom with the window. In addition to this, either of the two ways to open a window can be achieved very quickly with minimal effort.


Tilt Mode

With the handle turned 90 degrees so that the tip of the handle faces up, the sash is able to swing inwards. Tilt and turn windows opening inwards is the great advantage. This it great for high performance rapid air exchange in tilted position. It also provides the advantage of access to both sides of the sash. This is great for easy cleaning and other tilt and turn windows window keep-up work. It is also great for vent out smoke or bad smells.

Turn Mode

With the handle turned another 90 degrees (so that the tip of the handle is facing up), you can tilt inwards. This is a great feature as it allows you to passively ventilate your home without any stress of closing a wide open in time. Opening the window on routine is greatly beneficial as it improves the indoor air quality. This is important as a high level of indoor air quality can notably improve your comfort.

Micro-Ventilation Mode

Finally, with the handle turned 135 degrees from the lock position, you can tilt the sash inwards about ¼”. This is the micro-ventilation mode. It is very useful for slow and consistent air exchange throughout the day and or night. This is great because with it you can slowly but effectively change air in the house. When it is open like this, you can forget about it and leave it open until late evening or even the next day.

Our Tilt Turn Window Advantages

  • A stylish and ultra-modern design.

To improve the appearance of any building and add real value to the project.

  • Budget-friendly pricing while maintaining a high level of quality.
  • Over 60 color options and over 200 glazing combinations available
  • 3 opening modes

To provide next level flexibility, superior indoor air quality, and easy access for cleaning.

  • Highly thermally efficient performance with R values up to 11
  • One handle, one hand motion, and the window opens in less than 2 seconds.
  • Multi-point locking system technology

To provide secure and automatic locking all around the frame.

  • Highly durable construction for long term satisfaction
  • Individually customized to order

Our tilt and turn windows are made to order with every factor being customizable to what ever extent desired.

  • 3 gaskets are used instead of the regular 2

To provide maximum air tightness and insulation

  • Reliable rotating hinge hardware