It is finally here! The latest version of the Reynaers Group sustainability report describes our current ecological performance and sustainable commitments for the period of 2023-2030. It paves the way for a low-carbon and durable future for our company and our community.

To help you in your sustainable building journey, Reynaers Group aims to be as transparent as possible. In 2022, we launched our first sustainability report, Reynaers Act, which focussed on circular products, sustainable buildings, carbon reduction, and our people. Today, we build on our original strategy with an airtight tactical roadmap in a re-imagined design.

What is new?

Recent legislation by the EU, namely the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), prescribes official rules on how companies need to communicate their ecological performance. The new sustainability report is our first step towards CSRD compliance, with a personal Reynaers Group touch. We stay true to our company credo, “Together for better”, and set out clear and ambitious sustainable goals for the entire Group.

  • To safeguard our planet, we invest in circular solutions that help create your futureproof home; low-carbon materials and new technologies are key factors in this sense. We continue our efforts to reduce the direct and indirect carbon emissions of our entire value chain.
  • We want to engage our people by helping them grow at a healthy and safe place to work. We are proud of our empowering Reynaers Group culture that promotes entrepreneurship, innovation, and inclusion.
  • We take responsibility and always communicate transparently with our community. Applying a strict ethical code, we choose our suppliers carefully and only buy responsible materials. Finally, by supporting local initiatives and charity events, we can give back to society in a sincere and impactful manner.

Our sustainable journey

Ken Wright, Sustainability Programme Manager of Reynaers Group: “The new report means a tremendous leap forward in our company’s sustainable journey. Not only are we on track to meet reporting regulations by 2025, but we have set the bar even higher by committing to a very ambitious set of goals. It will take a lot of effort to reach these 2030 commitments, but I am convinced we can do so if we work closely together with all our stakeholders.”

“Creating this report could only be possible with the help of expert colleagues across different departments and subsidiaries. Together, we continue to act with a lasting positive impact, and I am grateful for everyone at Reynaers Group who was, is, and will be involved in this tremendous project.”