Today we will be talking about the flexible and durable seals. There are many important components in a window. Every component must be high class, it must be designed to work with other components, and it must be designed properly within the system itself.

Operative windows have gaskets, also known as seals, to seal the window and door from air, water, and sound. A high-quality window must have a superior sealing system. Without it, windows will not provide the necessary energy savings, indoor air quality, and interior comfort. The GSW BluEvolution 82 profile is designed with three flexible and durable gaskets. We can now take a closer look into why our sealing system provides superior protection from air, water, and sound.



1. Multi-point Locking Hardware

It is so important that each window is secured and that your home is protected from air, water, and sound. Our windows do just that. All of our tilt and turn windows have a band of steel on the sash that securely tucks into the frame at multiple points. When the window is locked the multiple point hardware compresses the seal on the frame by engaging the locks on the sash. The result is an airtight, watertight, and sound resistant seal on all four sides of the window and door. Tilt and turn windows protect the seals because the sash opens to the inside where the sash and the seal are protected from the elements.


2. Weather protected

GSW Windows have two or three seals. The third seal is located on the inside of the window. This means that less of our gaskets are directly exposed to the damaging effects of rain, freezing temperatures, snow, dirt, and pollution. The gaskets will not crack and lose their ability to properly seal.


3. High-Quality Material 

The gaskets in our windows are made of a flexible, high-quality material that is shaped to fir into receiving t-channel. The material and the shape of the seal allows them to move with the profiles as they contract and expand with temperature fluctuations.


The BluEvolution 82 is our middle-class window door system engineered for performance-driven projects. Our triple seal system is recommended and can be designed to suit your building style. From a single large: tilt & turn window, french tilt & turn windows, tilt & turn windows combined with picture windows — to tilt & turn windows with/without mullions or grids; their flexibility allows architects to design every window to be a perfect fit for every space. These high energy-efficient windows can also be manufactured in many shapes: square, rectangle/vertical or horizontal; small or expansive – it is up to you.

When you compare window and door systems, always make sure to ask how the seals are designed to provide air, water, and sound resistance. That is very important. Gaskets may not be the most visible part of the window but it is definitely an important factor.



You are always welcome to visit us in our showroom to talk about the high quality of gaskets and to find more details important for your project.