A great window is only as good as the installation behind it.

 We are conscious that the installation is a very big deal. No matter if the building is new or a replacement. Even the highest quality windows will under perform if they are incorrectly installed. In order to make sure that your windows enhance both the look and energy efficiency in your home, we include professional window installation as a key part of our window replacement or new building process.

 An incorrect installation can lead to cracked joints, loss of heat or cool air, and exposure to the elements and pests. Improperly installed windows can even lead to moisture, causing serious damage to both the windows and the structure of your home itself.

  Rest assured, our team is an expert and master at their craft. We are so confident in our installers ability to provide you with an excellent experience that we even warrant the installation. To make sure you are comfortable with the installation process, we’ve  included step by step guidance to show you exactly what you can expect to happen on installation day.












During the whole process, we will respect the following steps:


1.Arrive on time!

We value your time and promise to respect it. Upon arrival, the installer meets with the homeowner or project manager to review the job.


2.Protect your home!

We will lay down drop cloths to make sure all the furniture and valuables stay safe and clean.


4.We’ll remove and dispose of old windows and doors so you do not have to worry about them.


5.The experts start to install your windows using the highest quality products, zip system,  so we can be sure that the windows are being installed at the highest demanding standards. Our window installation professional are experts and masters at their craft.


6.Clean Up!

It is time for us to clean up any trash and leave the home cleaner than it was when we have arrived.


7.Product Demonstration!

Before we leave, our team will make sure that the homeowner is comfortable with operating each window and door.





While the installation of a window is project-specific, for certification purposes three scenarios with the window installed in Passive house suitable walls must be considered. This gives the opportunity for like-for-like comparisons between windows.

The installation detail matters because there are additional surface areas at the junction between the wall and the window and often there is more structure needed in the wall. This means there are additional heat loss areas in the window reveals and there is less wall insulation due to the additional structure.

The recommended installation detail includes wall insulation covering some of the window frames to further mitigate or eliminate heat transmission through the frames and the window reveals. This isn’t the only way to detail the installation of a Passive house window though. And it should be noted that insulating over the frame doesn’t have any effect on the performance of aluminium clad windows.

Window sills are not so easy to insulate and usually the heat loss through the sill detail is worse than through the reveals and head detail. The different details each need to be accounted for in the Passive House Planning Package. It is that detailed.




A Passive House certified window U-value is not the actually U-value that a project will actually have. It is a value that allows for like-for-like comparison. And it provides critical information to use when inputting the project-specific details into the Passive House Planning Package.

The installed window U-value takes into account the dimensions of the window, the glass, the frame, the installation details, the U-values of the glass (center pane) and the frame, and the Psi values of the glass spacer and the installation detail.

For a Passive House certified building the required U-value is climate dependent. In the US and Canada, it must be less than 0.85 W/(m2.K).

A Passive House certified building does not require Passive House certified windows. However, if the window isn’t certified it can be more difficult to track down all the necessary and correct information about it.