Wondering if your energy bills could be lower this winter? It might be worth taking a look at the amount of heat escaping through your windows. The North American Insulation Manufacturers Association reports that 90 percent of U.S. homes are under insulated and a simple inspection could save you money and keep the temperature more comfortable year round.

“We do inspections to check out how much insulation you have in the window area and also check the hardware system to make sure they function properly.” “We do the same with the glass insulation package. And we check all around the windows to make sure that the entire system is perfectly flashing and the windows meet the expected performances.

It is very possible you have some insulation but not enough to properly insulate your space.

“We have a lot of people call in to have us go into their home just to check and make sure everything is fine in terms of insulation, and what we find is that some windows will not be installed properly and there are with a lot of damages at the gasket and hardware level, which takes you to a discomfort that no one wants in their own home.

You should have more than that. The U.S. Department of Energy developed an insulation values chart to measure effectiveness. The measurement is called R-value. The higher the R-value the longer it takes heat to escape through your windows and doors.


The target is to have at least R-Value of 7-10. Proper insulation can also help prevent damage from ice dams this winter. An inspection can let you know if there is already damage you don’t know about.

During an inspection we will be checking your home to make sure there is no damage from inside like mold or anything of that nature, or a flashing issue from the windows. So many times we hear that homeowners do not realize that not all windows are high energy efficient windows, and we always tell them to look at the performance of windows and doors, the warranty of the product, but especially the proper installation which is very important for any project. Replacing the windows in today’s time is an important step, because the product is subjected to different climates and then all the steps from this project needs maximum attention.

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