Noise is subjective.

Everyone defines for themselves what level of noise they can tolerate. One thing everyone agrees on, noise is a harmful thing.

Noise is everywhere, on the highway and on the street, in the shouting of children at school, and at parks, and even in everyday conversation sounds, that are heard in workplaces and conference rooms. Noise causes a lack of concentration that makes it difficult to perform simple daily tasks, causes a decrease in employee productivity and capabilities of students; but above all, it directly interferes with the peace of mind that is necessary for every person.

Noise is not a developing fate, there is no need to compromise and accept it as a feature of modern life.

GSW Acoustic glass is the preferred solution for controlling and filtering noise.

GSW Acoustic lets the noise remain outside without surrounding ourselves with walls, that force us to block out the scenery and limit our sense of space.


The features of our glass have made it the preferred choice in modern construction. Glass cladding of buildings increasingly fill the urban landscapes around the world. Large window apertures let natural light enter the room and provide an open view of the landscape, and are also a substitute for closed concrete walls. The use of glass for partitions and interior division of the building, will contribute to a sense of space even in a structure with a limited internal space.

It is important to remember that monolithic glass (single glass) does not optimally filter out sound waves. Its degree of rigidity allows sound waves to pass through relatively easily.

GSW Acoustic is a laminated glass with a unique acoustic layers composition that reflects the sound waves passing through the glass, disrupts the frequency and thus filters and reduces noise.

At home or at the office, it is important to define the kind of noise we wish to reduce, GSW Acoustic glass will provide the best solution for a perfect quality of life and peace of mind.

Common uses for this product:

  • Window glazing in buildings located close to noisy areas, such as schools and playgrounds.
  • Acoustic insulation at airport terminals, trains and buses.
  • Reducing noise intensity in residential areas adjacent to main traffic routes.


  • Filtering internal noise in conference rooms, and reducing the noise heard from outside the conference room.
  • Controlling noise transmission between rooms, in shared work spaces.
  • Acoustic insulation for screen walls.

GSW offers various acoustic solutions designed for a wide range of noises and even tailored to specific requirements.

GSW Acoustic glass is tested according to the requirements of international standards such as the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 140-3 for acoustics in buildings, and ASTM E90 American standard for sound waves in buildings.

GSW Acoustic glass is calculated according to a variety of noise insulation levels for exterior / interior noise – ASTM E 1332, and acoustic rating for sound insulation in buildings – ISO 717, and more.